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Product Review: Matcha (抹茶)from the Mizuba Tea Company

Disclaimer: In exchange for a few samples of matcha from the Mizuba Tea Company, I am writing this review. In essence, Matcha (抹茶・まっちゃ) refers to finely ground (powdered), high-quality Camellia sinensis, the species best known for producing all types of … Continue reading

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Review: Japan’s J!NS (JINS) Eyeglasses

Note: In exchange for a pair of eyeglasses, I am writing this review about J!NS (JINS) -@jinseyewear – the Japanese eyeglasses company. Even after countless visits to Japan, I only heard about J!NS at a New York event earlier this … Continue reading

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Raspados (Shaved Ice): There’s a Drought in my Dessert

Flying in from the endless sprawl of Los Angeles, it’s difficult to think of a more dissimilar landscape than El Centro, in Imperial County, California. Well, that’s not true.  You’ve got glaciers.  And Pyongyang. The point is, Imperial County is … Continue reading

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Flight Review: Mokulele Airlines, Los Angeles, CA (LAX) to Imperial/El Centro, CA (IPL)

Disclaimer: In exchange for writing a review for the airline Mokulele Airlines, I was offered a flight between Los Angeles (LAX) and El Centro/Imperial County (IPL), California. Oh, hey, a domestic fifth freedom flight!  Mokulele Airlines was founded in 1994 as Mokulele … Continue reading

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History Standard Time at Oakland International Airport

Your odd fact for the day: China is officially in one time zone. (Relevant transition, please!) Understood…the governments’ of China and Pakistan have had a good relationship for decades.  Slightly less related, a few years ago, I was flying through … Continue reading

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My Favorite Aspect of Eating Mexican Food in California?

The condiments bar.

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Event Review: February Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo, San Diego, California

Disclaimer: In exchange for a review of the February San Diego (Del Mar) Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo, I received one entry ticket. I’ll go ahead and preface my review of the GFAF event by admitting that I’m actually gluten … Continue reading

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