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Travel Photography Tip: Look Both Ways

I’ve gotten yelled at by my fair share of security guards for either inadvertently – or purposely – trespassing, and/or taking photos where signs specifically say not to do so.  Whoops.  For instance, at the above Qingjing Mosque in Quanzhou, … Continue reading

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Quirky Japanese Kōban, or Police Boxes

I have a lot of photos from Japan, but this owl-shaped building in Chiba city may be the token entry for kōban (交番) neighborhood police stations.  On second thought, that might be too generous – and incorrect – a term … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: The Sofitel in Ueno, Tokyo

The Sofitel Ueno, overlooking Ueno Park’s Shinobazu Pond, was one of my favorite (weird) buildings in Tokyo…until it was demolished in between late 2006 and mid-2008.  Heck, the Sofitel wasn’t around that long to begin with, opening only in 1994. … Continue reading

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Weird Signs, Issue #1: Dental Sushi Cruise in New Jersey

Sometimes when I’d go to Mitsuwa Marketplace in Edgewater, New Jersey, the largest Japanese supermarket in the New York City area, I’d walk a few more minutes north to the Trader Joe’s shopping center.  Indeed, when you think “I’m going to go … Continue reading

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Everything’s Bigger in… East Asia?

If you’ve had the chance to flip through my previous posts, you may already know that East Asia has cornered the market on many of the world’s superlatives— among numerous other (read: weird) possibilities, escalators, advertising and flight delays all … Continue reading

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Japanese Signs: I Could Read Them, if I Could Read Them

During my first visit to Japan in the summer of 2000, I lived with a host family in Kanazawa for one month.  Even though I was just in my early teens at the time, wanderlust had already become a favorite … Continue reading

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Caracas, Venezuela’s Torre de David

My timing is not good these days.  Ah, that’s a half-truth. Whereas the dollar went far on my recent visit to Caracas, Venezuela, the one building I wanted to visit, the Centro Financiero Confinanzas, was already been cleared of its … Continue reading

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