Geographically Uninclined, the Holy Edition

Ever end up in the wrong city?  I ask this, because I read a story a few years ago about someone flying to the wrong “Taiwan.”  Which is to say, the passenger meant to go to the rogue state, but ended up in Taiyuan, China instead.  Never mind that the two places are spelled differently – in both English and Chinese – and that the former isn’t “a city,” but I decided to see how common this type of mistake was.  It happens from time to time, but you’ve got to be a real winner to do so.  Just ask them.

On a lighter note, I’ll pose this question to y’all– if someone offered you a trip to Mecca, which would you choose?:

Mecca, population ~ 8500, in California, USA?  Close to the fascinatingly dubious Salton Sea, which I’ll get to in a later post?


Mecca, population ~ 1.5 million, in Saudi Arabia?

I’ll pack the enthusiasm if you remember the suntan lotion.


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Bread, olive oil Waking up in Nakagin Sure does sound like me
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2 Responses to Geographically Uninclined, the Holy Edition

  1. Woody Maple says:

    Dear Mr Bento, Did you take the picture of the CA sign AND Mecca?


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