Separate Checks

During my last visit to Japan, I finally tried the Kani Douraku (かに道楽) restaurant chain, that time in Kyoto.  They specialize in crab, or the kani in the Kani Douraku name.

Admittedly, I quite enjoyed the meal, though I couldn’t help but notice something stand out on the check:

The first line reads あかり男性.  The word あかり (akari) is harmless enough, and means “light” or “glow.”  The second, 男性 (dansei) however can be translated as “male,” or “men’s.”  Indeed, when the waitress took our order, she asked which of the three of us (two males, one female) would be eating the akari course.  Same price, of course.

Ladies, if you’re in the mood for Kani Douraku, and you have a big appetite, hire a man to order for you.  Or, bring this post to the waitstaff’s attention.


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