Countries Better Than Yours?: Kababistan

In spite of being amused by the presence of a world passport, perhaps I should consider a move to somewhere greatly influenced by Asia Minor.

After all, how brilliant would it be to shop at a place called “Bread Country?”

True, but in that part of the world, you often have bread with meat, either as a sandwich or on the side.

Enter, Kababistan:

baku-azerbaijan-kababistan-restaurantThough I didn’t get a chance to eat at this restaurant – it was closed for the holidays – Kabibstan, located in Baku, Azerbaijan had quite the tempting menu, not to mention its name.

So, what does the sign translate as?  “Kebab Country,” or “Land of Kebabs.”

If someone could direct me to a Baklava Country, that would be much appreciated.


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Bread, olive oil Waking up in Nakagin Sure does sound like me
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