Thanksgiving in Taiwan: Chiayi’s “Chicken Rice”

It’s Thanksgiving for…some people.  What better way to celebrate it than by talking about Taiwan?  You know, that island that is simultaneously part of Europe, China and itself.

Chiayi (Jiayi-嘉義) - Train StationOK, so although I’m not there now, I was there around Thanksgiving time last year.  If memory serves, I was in a city called Chiayi (though to me it’s 嘉義), in the central western part of the largest island.  What’s going on in Chiayi?  It’s a rather typical Taiwanese city, which is to say, scooters everywhere, neon and bad local food.

On the topic of food, here’s where I’m thinking Taiwan might be part of China.  One of Chiayi’s more well-known dishes is called 火雞飯 (huǒ​jīfàn), also known as “chicken rice.”  That said, 火雞 really refers to turkey (literally, “fire chicken” or “angry chicken”).

Chiayi (Jiayi-嘉義) - Turkey Rice (鶏肉飯)If it quacks like a duck…so, just like at a Chinese take-out place, what did we actually order?

(The answer, in this case, is turkey.)

Have you ever tried chicken rice?


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