Lablabi: Tunisian Chickpea Stew

Monastir, Tunisia - Lablabli 1

I was inadvertently introduced to lablabi (لبلابي) while walking around Monastir, Tunisia.  Some local market workers were taking their lunch break to crowd a small kiosk in the middle of a pedestrian block.  Nearly twenty more people got in their orders before I was noticed, even though I was perched in front of the chefs all along.  Now that I know the name of the dish – and after confirming it at the New York Fancy Food Show last year – I greatly look forward to wildly mispronouncing lablabi.

Monastir, Tunisia - Lablabli 2

Common ingredients include chickpeas as the focus, garlic, cumin, olive oil, piquant harissa, and stale bread to sop it all up.  Olives and pickles are pleasant accompaniments, but keep lots of water nearby, for lablabi and said pickles make this meal a salt fest.  Kidneys, we’ll be in touch.

Have you heard of lablabi?  I’ve tried asking around Chowhound to see if NY restaurants have it, but as of now no so luck.


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