The Borojó Fruit of Ecuador

The best thing about visiting food markets is trying things that either aren’t available or aren’t available fresh in your hometown.  Case-in-point: the borojó fruit.

Quito, Santa Clara Market - Borojó

Welcome to my kitchen, everyone!  Actually…if this was my kitchen, there would be a lot more cereal and a lot less room.  And a few cans of this.  In fact, this is at the Mercado Santa Clara (Santa Clara Market) in Quito, Ecuador.

The borojó – in the photo above, the brownish brain with the spoon sticking out of it – is native to rainforests in Ecuador and Colombia in South America, and additionally grows in Panama.  Unlike rush hour commuters, it requires constant high humidity and warm temperatures.  It is custardy, sour and muy rico (very filling), though the woman making my borojó batido (shake) said that coconut milk was a good mix.  Right, because that’s not filling at all.  If she just threw in some potatoes I’d be full for the rest of the year.

In any event, the borojó contains a good deal of phosphorous – useful for your teeth, bones and much, much more, amino acids, protein, and vitamins C & B, and according to some sources (population figures or pharmacists?), is also an aphrodisiac.  In other words, considering its welcoming appearance, you’ll want to turn away from it and pick up another hobby.

Have you heard of the borojó?


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