Under-cover Nirvana in Osaka, Japan

Have you heard about the latest trend in Japan?  That being, to not have kids?

Forget I said that, but stay on the same wavelength for a moment.

Osaka - Daigo (Nirvana) Love Hotel

Oh look, it’s Osaka Castle~

Tokyo might be my favorite city in the world (thus far), and part of the reason is due to the sprawling randomness that can be found on just about every block.  It could be a sampling of dyed tapestries in the middle of an unlit alley (can’t recall where exactly, but it was near Nihombashi), a Statue of Liberty near Odaiba or a love hotel built as an affront to the word architecture.

Yes, that last one is a Japanese mainstay, and although the Tokyo area has plenty to choose from, I might have to give Osaka the point for collection of zanier architectural styles.  Come to think of it, “love hotelism” should be a neologism in an architect’s vocabulary.

However, today’s emphasis is not on the exterior of the hotel.  We’re going to have a brief look at the meaning of the word on the sign; Warning– this language lesson might be slightly off-color.

The two characters that make up 醍醐 (だいご “dye-go”) refer to cream in its purest form.  Thank you, you’ve been a great audience.

If you’ve heard of the Indian staple food ghee, – which may also be known as the greatest flavor of all – that’s one definition.  Staying in the same region of the world, 醍醐 has adopted another, more transcendent meaning- nirvana.

Never thought Buddhism would pay a visit to BuildingMyBento, but here we are.  Though, if nirvana is supposed to be the point where one’s sufferings and desires are extinguished, what kind of name is that for an Osaka love hotel?

Then again, if the owner was going for the unattainable goal definition, perhaps it’s surrounded by a moat?

I didn’t go in for a closer look, so maybe it’s a Buddhist temple built by a love hotel aficionado?  Weirder things do happen.


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8 Responses to Under-cover Nirvana in Osaka, Japan

  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    That “trend” of not having children is creating a demographic crisis in Japan. The country has a fertility rate far below replacement level. With an aging population, there will be fewer young people to work, and support the social services.

    It may not look like it in the crowded streets of Tokyo or Osaka, but Japan’s population is in decline.

    • I’m well aware…are you thinking Japan needs its own Lee Kuan Yew?

      • Denny Sinnoh says:

        As far as I know … Singapore realized it made a population policy mistake in the 60s &, 70s, and now encourages more children with various incentives.

        Maybe Japan should take in one million Mexican immigrants every year in order to broaden the base of its population pyramid : )

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  3. My favourite love hotel is just outside Nagoya in a city called Yokkaichi. The theme there is Christmas – all year round. Perhaps Santa-san can help people get in the mood, then will give presents to all the extra children born thereafter?

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