Rio de Janeiro’s Niterói Contemporary Art Museum (Brazil)


Niterói, Brazil -Contemporary Art Museum (3)

Were it not for the weird architecture, the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil wouldn’t amount to much.  If you could take it for a spin – perhaps to its landing pad north of the Equator – you’d already be hallucinating.

Yes, its prolific and widely regarded architect, a Carioca by the name of Oscar Niemeyer, quickly learned that the museum, better known the acronym MAC (Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói), might be mistaken for another acronym, UFO…to those who knew the English word, anyway.  Bonus– here’s the Portuguese term: OVNI.

Niterói, Brazil -Contemporary Art Museum (1)

The Niterói Contemporary Art Museum was completed in 1996, and was supposed to evoke a continuously growing flower rising atop Guanabara Bay.

Niterói, Brazil -Contemporary Art Museum (4)

Evidently, the flower that Niemeyer was thinking of was an invasive species.

Niterói, Brazil -Contemporary Art Museum (2)

A day earlier, We had gone up to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain (Pão de Açúcar; I am still clueless as to how to pronounce it, how about you?) and had no idea to look for the Niemeyer icon.  This shot of both – and the three creatures photobombing it – made up for the oblivious behavior.


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3 Responses to Rio de Janeiro’s Niterói Contemporary Art Museum (Brazil)

  1. What an incredible structure! Loved your post~

  2. Sal says:

    “A Brazilian architect named….” This is very factual, but not very generous. How about, “One of the most acclaimed architects of the 20th century”? Brazil’s most famous architect? Planner of Brasilia? An architect of the UN building? I guess not.

    • Thanks for your comment, Sal.

      I like a lot of his works – Brasilia would be worth visiting for his designs alone – but it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is a fan.

      However, I will change the intro.


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