Skaly, Isn’t It? Skim Milk Soda in Japan

Fukuoka, Skal Soda #1

Fukuoka, Skal Soda #1

Skal: It sounds like a brand of chewing tobacco.  The transliteration of its Japanese text, スコール, refers either to a squall, or more aptly skål, the Danish word for good health/salut/cheers.

But wait, maybe you knew about it already.  Yes, in 1985, when I was not even old enough to know that five singles was the same amount of money as five dollars (that’s not a clue), the Chicago Tribune had an article about the heretofore mentioned skim mik and soda beverage.  That would be some memory though, particularly for a drink that has less of a reason to exist than people saying skål over a round of, well, Skal.

The 食感 shokkan, or mouth feel was creamy, but not exactly fizzy, though most of all, it lacked a point.  Is there any non-alcoholic beverage with less self-confidence than skim milk?  I might as well drown my Cracklin’ Oat Bran and Oatmeal Squares in water.  I’ll be a bit kinder- Skal gives skim milk more of a diverse portfolio, even if the end result tastes like a 7Up that spent way too much time out on a deck chair.

Fukuoka, Skal Soda #2

Fukuoka, Skal Soda #2

Would you like this drink to hit your shores, or if you’re in Japan, have you a full stock in your fridge?


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9 Responses to Skaly, Isn’t It? Skim Milk Soda in Japan

  1. expatlingo says:

    Actually, this one sounds better than the broccoli juice… Some fermented yogurt drinks have a kind of fizz, it is anything like that?

    • But skim milk? Ehh, maybe that’s the standard for yoghurt drinks, because whole milk would be overpowering?
      The problem is, this one WASN’T fizzy! It more like a deflated 7Up or Sprite.
      What “good ones” have you seen in Hong Kong?

      • expatlingo says:

        Ok, now sound bad on two counts. The yogurt drink I’m thinking of is that thick one in Turkey, Keffir or something. Watery, flatfish milk does sound rather boring. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for HK drinks as only obvious ones like “Pocari Sweat” spring to mind.

  2. Jody and Ken says:

    Haven’t you heard of Calpis Soda? Pretty sure it’s Japanese and has been around for 100 years. In fact, my understanding is that it’s available as a concentrate in Japan and then you mix your own. I first encountered it as a kid in rural Michigan, if you can believe it. My friends and I thought the name was hilarious. It’s not bad, once you get beyond the name. Ken

    • I’ve certainly heard of Calpis. Michigan cities/towns and Japanese cities have a lot of sister city relationships, not to mention the strong business ties between Detroit and Nagoya, and perhaps the most international city in Michigan, Ann Arbor. Skal to me doesn’t taste like Calpis, but then again, I don’t need to drink either one again!

  3. I miss this stuff so much. Loved it when I visited Japan back in 2012. Have you found anywhere to get it online?

    • Thanks for the comment, Eric! Do you think it compared favorably with Calpis? The taste is different, but the texture…

      Hmm, if Rakuten and Marukai don’t have it, I’m not sure which other online stores that ship from Japan might sell it.

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