Profligate Pescetarianism (Go Fish)

Hong Kong-Mui Wo, Fun with Fish

My friend had previously not visited Hong Kong, so I indulged him in visiting the more nature-friendly side of the city.  We hitched a ride in the cable car on Lantau (大嶼山) Island to view the airport and the rolling hills, very briefly glanced at the world’s largest superlative superlative superlative (Buddha)-since 1993 and made it over to Mui Wo (梅窩) for uncleaned shrimp and a breed of vegetable known only to the restaurant table where we ate.  (Links thanks to Ngong Ping 360 and google maps)  Thereafter, a visit to the beach nearby was ho-hum at worst, but at least it provided the souvenir above.


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3 Responses to Profligate Pescetarianism (Go Fish)

  1. asw says:

    Thanks for posting on the trip

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