Hey, skip, don’t forget us: “unusual” beverages

Although I in my first post, I may have emphasized food as an integral part of Building My Bento, there’s no way I could leave out beverages.  China alone has a drink for just about every section of the besmirched food pyramid, as well as for the food groups that didn’t quite make it (just to muss it up a bit, a chocolate and orange potion was out for Halloween’11).  Before, I also mentioned my willingness to try just about anything once.  Well, I won’t be chuffed should I be challenged by a reader to a durian (榴莲 liu2lian2) shake regatta.  Tried that as a drink, a candy and fresh-all three made me glad I was about to enter the metro afterward.

In any event, mesquite plum, bird’s nest, asparagus,  can’t say these liquids make me want to search the interweb for a place to buy ’em.  But they deserve to be mentioned just as much as old favorites or other oddities that have stared down a New Yorker.


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Bread, olive oil Waking up in Nakagin Sure does sound like me
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